INFINITI GREEN building - Chaika district
InvestorYavor AD
DesignerArchitect Natalia Nikova
Project Contractor"City Building" Ltd.
Area of the plot3 320 m2
Built-up area1 400 m2
Unfolded built-up area16 600 m2
Building permission№ 86 / 21.05.2021г.
Act 14
Act 15
Permission to use
Construction starting date14.07.2022г.
Period of construction34 months

Give yourself a luxury corner in one of the most elite locations in the city of Varna – Chaika district.

INFINITY GREEN building is located in Chaika district, near the Chaika Medical Center (Resort Polyclinic), 3 minutes walk from the Sea Garden and the Dolphinarium. Quiet and convenient location, with direct connections to the city center and resorts.

The property in which the building will be built has an area of 3320 sq. m. The built-up area of the building is 1400 sq. m., The above-surface ground area is 17 000 sq. m.The vision of INFINITY GREEN is stylish and impressive.The concept in determining the volume of the building and the situation in the plot is consistent with the location of current and future surrounding buildings, so as to achieve the best possible exposure of the sites, as well as avoiding proximity and shading from surrounding buildings.

The facade is suspended, ventilated, lined with natural stone - white limestone, green marble and gray granite.. The well-thought-out location and the impressive vision of the building will set it apart from all the others, as an emblem of the neighborhood.

The building has seventeen floors. Each apartment has access to two staircases and three elevators.The higher floors reveal a unique sea view and a vast beautiful city view.

The building has a mixed purpose, consists of commercial spaces and apartments. On the first floor is a large grocery store. The total number of residential sites is 173.

  • 2-room – 77 off with built-up area of 47 m2 up to 60 m2
  • 3-room – 93 off with built-up area of 73 m2 up to 95 m2
  • 4-room – 3 off with built-up area of 124 m2

The apartments are designed with a focus on comfort.They have large living rooms, bedrooms with optimal area, a sufficient number of wet and service rooms and terraces with floor windows. Fire alarm is provided in each site, as well as cabling for alarm security system. Apart from the functional distributions, the exhibition is a great advantage. INFINITI GREEN, unlike the buildings nearby, is situated so that all sites are favorably exposed and are maximally open with a view of the sea, the surrounding greenery and the city panorama.

Parking is solved with covered parking spaces located on 3 levels.

Our attention to your coziness, comfort and durability of the building makes the choice easy!